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Are you in search of superior garage doors? Look no further than The Garage Door Company, which offers exceptional sectional garage doors. Our range of products is unparalleled in the industry, and we also provide a comprehensive range of services. Alongside supplying and installing top-quality sectional garage doors, we are adept at handling garage door repairs, ensuring that we can address any issues that may arise.

To give you peace of mind, we have showrooms throughout the country where you can personally examine our fully functional garage doors before deciding. Additionally, you can conveniently reach us at 0800 046 75 76 to arrange a FREE survey or request a complimentary brochure.


The Best Supplier of Sectional Garage Doors

At The Garage Door Company, we take great pride in being the preferred choice for numerous Peterborough homeowners seeking top-notch sectional garage doors. Our dedication lies in providing durable and reliable sectional garage doors that meet all requirements. Our team is committed to offering professional advice to ensure you receive the perfect garage door solution. We strive to deliver highly functional sectional garage doors of the highest quality, as we understand the significance of this type of entrance for any home.

All our supplied and installed garage doors are crafted using premium materials, emphasising our commitment to long-term customer investments. Our team members undergo comprehensive training in providing and installing garage doors, ensuring their confidence in providing adequate guidance to all customers. Peterborough residents can find detailed information below regarding our exceptional range of door options.



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Our Sectional Doors

The popularity of sectional garage doors has continued growing, partly thanks to their user-friendly design. These doors consist of interconnected panels that fold into one another when opened. Sectional garage doors are raised towards the ceiling, making them an ideal choice for homeowners with limited garage space. They share similarities with roller garage doors, which are also part of our product range.

We understand that homeowners have diverse requirements based on their garage types. Our aim has always been to cater to as many customers as possible, which is why we offer sectional garage doors in various shapes and sizes.

Before making a purchase, our team will provide you with all the necessary specifications to ensure that you select a sectional garage door suitable for your property.

Customisation is another crucial aspect we value at The Garage Door Company. We recognise that customers desire visually appealing sectional garage doors that complement their home’s existing style. To meet this demand, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes for our clients to choose from.

When you choose our team, you can be confident that you’ll find a sectional garage door that meets all your requirements. Contact us today to explore our customisation options in more detail.


Sectional Garage Doors Technical Information

To view the technical information for our sectional garage doors, request your FREE brochure today.

Additional Options We Supply in Peterborough

In addition to offering high-quality sectional garage doors and roller garage doors, we provide various services encompassing various door types. For instance, if you require enhanced fire safety, we offer internal fire-rated door sets with a variety of ratings available. Additionally, for improved security, we supply steel door sets.

When it comes to garage doors, side doors provide a convenient way to enter and exit the garage without opening the main door leaf. At The Garage Door Company, we offer a selection of personnel doors designed specifically for this purpose.

But that’s not all. Even the finest quality garage doors, expertly fitted, may encounter issues over time. These issues can be mechanical or electrical failures, or they may result from vehicular accidents. We are here to assist you if your garage entryway doors have been damaged. Our team is skilled in all forms of garage door repairs, ensuring that your entryway doors are restored to full working order.

For more information about our garage repair service or any other door types, simply pick up the phone and contact The Garage Door Company today.

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Why Come to The Garage Door Company?

When it comes to garage doors, The Garage Door Company is your ultimate destination. As the leading UK retailer specialising in various garage entrance doors, we guarantee to have the exact doors you seek, regardless of colour, size, or design. Unlike other suppliers, we exclusively rely on our dedicated in-house team to install all the garage doors we supply. Moreover, our doors come with a generous warranty of up to ten years.

We are committed to offering unbeatable prices, and if you happen to find a lower price elsewhere, simply inform us, and we will match it. Our motto is “Raising the quality, lowering the price.” With over thirty years of experience in the industry, we take pride in providing exceptional value for your money. Our attention to detail and the services we offer set us apart from the competition.

We have showrooms throughout the country to further assist you in your decision-making process. You are welcome to visit us and explore our range firsthand. Alternatively, contact us now to request a complimentary brochure.

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If you’re in search of the finest sectional garage doors in Peterborough, you now have the contact information you need after reading the article above. At The Garage Door Company, we offer a wide range of doors, including sectional garage doors and roller doors, catering to various requirements. To avail of our services, you can request a complimentary survey, utilise our door design tool, enquire about a FREE brochure, or discuss our finance options by calling us at 0800 046 75 76.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to us in writing to inquire about our garage doors. Simply complete our contact form or send an email to [email protected] before making a commitment. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team today, as there is nothing to lose.


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